Revtangen BO February 3rd

Light SE to almost no wind. Nets open from dusk till dawn. Around minus 2 degrees in the mnorning and a bit warmer in the middle of th day, but no snow on the fields. Still lots of Fieldfares around, now in "good to normal" condition. 

Ringed: LONG-EARED OWL 1, Redwing 1, Fieldfare 46, Mealy Redpoll 1, Yellowhammer 3. Total = 52. Also 13 controls. 

Ringmerket: HORNUGLE 1, r√łdvingetrost 1, gr√•trost 46, gr√•sisik 1, gulspurv 3. Ogs√• 13 kontroller.¬†

Renate Berg, Espen Helgesen, Alf Tore Mj√łs