Revtangen BO June 18th

An unseasonal Black Redstart

Light SW, a bit of rain in the morning, but later around 18 degrees and cloudy. Most nets open 08.30-15.30, netmeter hours approx 1900. 

Ringed: Meadow Pipit 1, Black Redstart 1, House Sparrow 4, Tree Sparrow 6, Common Linnet 2 (first juvenile). Toal = 14. Also 10 controls.


The surprise of the day was this unseasonal 2cy Black Redstart. Svartrødstjert, 2K.

Ringmerket: Heipiplerke 1, svartrødstjert 1, gråspurv 4, pilfink 6, tornirisk 2. Total = 14. Også 10 kontroller. 

Observations: Seems like Common Ringed Plovers have done reasonably well, there were 19 at Revtangen of which 12 were juveniles. Also 10 Dunlins and 2 Sanderlings at Revtangen. A female Marsh Harrier flew past Reveparken. 

Alf Tore Mjös